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 Politics inside the house of Dronegan

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Politics inside the house of Dronegan Empty
PostSubject: Politics inside the house of Dronegan   Politics inside the house of Dronegan Icon_minitimeWed Feb 09, 2011 1:27 am

It’s time to delve into the political aspect of the House of Dronegan.
To summarize it all, we have two different aspects to take into our minds.
First of all, the actual house, as in the human nobles who run it, are roughly divided into two categories, the Main family and the Branch families. The main family consists of the people who are directly related to a matriarch, in a lineage sort of way.
In short, this means that only the children of a matriarch (not a patriarch, should he have lovers on the side and they happen to give birth, the bastards won’t have a chance at the throne) is part of the main family. Should a matriarch give birth to several children, only the chosen heirs spouse and their children will become new main family members.
The spouse’s of the main family members will become parts of the branch families, and so will their children.

The influence of the main family is greater than that of the branch families, as the main family not only holds the position of the highest civilian institution, the role of patriarch / matriarch, but they are also free to decide who should be the apostle of the house.
The influence of the branch families should not be underestimated however, as they have the right to hold meetings without officials representing the main family present once every two weeks, and they together, one per adult person, vote who should be the current Marshal of the house. Many of the branch families plot against each other though, and many wise matriarchs and patriarchs try and use this fact by playing them out against each other… If there’s a unifying leader however, the head of the house could soon find herself the underdog in such a struggle however.

Now, with the first aspect handled, there’s the aspect of choosing what wing you belong to. There are three wings, and everyone’s always part of at least one, that being the first wing of the civilian wing of the house. To see an image and a short explanation of all the ranks within the house, please refer to this page
After having chosen what social class your character belongs to, you can choose to be a part of the military and or the spiritual part of the house. Notice that a member can be a part of all three wings at the same time, as a battle-cleric could be a disciple of the Order and a sergeant of the military wing.


In short, the people who are only members of the civilian wing tend to have no real general loyalty, and there are both people who support the current matriarch and people who’d like to see her removed and replaced by someone else.
As for the military wing, their leader is chosen amongst the branch family, and as such, they’d make sure to take someone who supports their cause in the first hand, rather than the actual main family. A wise marshal would make sure to surround himself with captains who are loyal to him, but the lower you get with the ranks in the military wing, the more spread the allegiances become.
Lastly, the spiritual wing, officially named something as simple as “The Order”, has its head chosen directly by the current matriarch and patriarch. He holds some influence over the order, but cannot deny an applying member, nor can he demote people within the organization, as the marshal can.
His role is very influential however, as most religious people would listen to him and his disciples and follows their advices carefully.

As you can see, this opens up for a lot of slots of intrigue, and I would recommend anyone who wish to play in this guild to at least decide for yourself what your character thinks of the current house leadership, and who they support, even if they openly might not go against anyone, their own thoughts and motives should be decided.
Once done, see if you can find anyone else who shares your view, and see if you can organize something on your own…
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Politics inside the house of Dronegan
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