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 The night of the mad blood

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The night of the mad blood Empty
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It is about a hundred years ago now, when that bloody night occurred. A night to be long spoken off amongst noblemen and common folk across the Mathosian Empire for a long time, and a night not easily forgotten. The night would be known as the Night of the mad blood amongst most peers.

A few months before the night of the mad blood, Raneha Dronegan, the widow and matriarch of the house of Dronegan, had a long nightly talk with Julius Dronegan. During these years, Raneha was viewed upon as something of a madwoman, ruthless and having a tendency to shift moods very quickly, going from calm and reasoning to aggressive and brutal in the wink of an eye.
Grieving the loss of her husband some said, others claimed it was the wine that had slumbered her mind. None-the-less, it could have been her mental instability which made her listen even more intensely to the Apostle, Julius Dronegan, a man who she had trusted for a great part of her adult life.

What was said in between them has never been fully recaptured, but the Apostle spoke of a dark future, and how the Gods of Telara would need their direct aid to prevent a great disaster. It was a vision he had seen, a vision foretelling that some would be chosen to defend Telara against a great hurricane on horrors. More details were far too vague, but Raneha in her great devotion and faith, decided to follow the man in this conversation, and also nodded, even if hesitantly, when she was told that she and her house would serve the Gods best, not in life, but in death.

Somehow, they or their souls would be of great use to the Gods in the upcoming age, and after a discussion that lasted until long after the first birds started to sing, the two of them went to bed, and Raneha dreamt, Nightmares plagued her for the full day, writhing and turning in her bed with a sudden fever as her mind was battered with images of failure, of what would be should she not act.

There were no good pictures in her mind, and a few days later, she invited a group of trusted few, revealing parts of her plans to come along with Julius. That in a few months, a celebration would be held to her birthday, and during that party, at which all of the families belonging to the house were invited, Raneha would present a way to reach a higher enlightenment.
And so, organized by Raneha and a handful of others close to her, a great party was held, and pretty much every member of the house, even those who lived far and abroad, was present at the lively party, many of them expecting Raneha to present a heir to her throne. Instead they were offered food and drinks with a great deal of drugs in them, sedating them and sending them to sleep and weakness. With blurred visions, the many men and women present were dragged down into the basement of the family mansion, where they had their hands bound together in case the drugs were to wear off.

One by one, they were confronted by Raneha and her closest ones, among them Julius, who bestowed a blessing upon them.
"Revere your gods, ye faithful, for the time of our repowering new birth comes near. Today a blessing, an end to our current sufferings, and a trial for future means, have shown itself to me in my communions with our trusted gods.
We are to strike at the frailty of our mortal coils themselves this very night and embrace what most consider a final end. ...To rise anew in a grand tomorrow through the guidance of our gods, granted a path and meaning far higher and more noble than before!"

Following that, Raneha slitted the throat of the person spoken to, and by the end of the night, the heavy ritual blade used had tired her arm, passing it on to her loyal followers who performed her dirty work. The basement had its floor covered in blood, so much that splashing noises followed their footsteps as the selected few who still were alive gathered around a table in the center of the room. One by one they drank a goblet of poison, after receiving the blessing of the Apostle, until only Raneha and Julius were still there. Gasping for air during his body’s last struggle against the poison, Julius gave the same blessing to the matriarch as all the others had received, who then with little hesitation, emptied the last cup of poison, falling after a few seconds down into the pool of blood which was their basement floor.

The barony was without a leader of heirs, and a large part of its own guard force had been killed during the Night of the mad blood. Rumors spread like a wildfire about the mad house who had committed mass-suicide, and it would not last many weeks before the neighboring baronies entered the territory of the house of Dronegan and claimed it as their own.

About a hundred years of time passed, and the Gods of Telara summoned ascended to aid them in the war against the Rifts, Regulos and the Defiants. Among the selected, were Raneha, and those with elven blood and long lives who had seen her before her death, could see that there was an intense fire burning in her eyes. She knew that more of her kind was coming, and she had a calling!
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The night of the mad blood
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