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PostSubject: List of members   List of members Icon_minitimeMon Feb 07, 2011 11:13 pm

Here's a member list, including civilian, military and spiritual ranks!

At the moment, we have 14 members!

Patriarch - Deceased
Matriarch - Raneha Dronegan - Adept

Lord - Salin
Lord - Julius Dronegan - Apostle
Lady - Ravanysia Dronegan
Lady - Istyra Dronegan

Citizen - Toma - Captain
Citizen - Reiah - Captain
Citizen - Eztra - Adept
Citizen - Ananwier Tharwin - Adept
Citizen - Dellan A'elthar- Sergeant
Citizen - Celandor Windwood - Soldier

Serf- Moyock
Serf - Yngmir - Soldier
Serf - Elsa Bridgebane

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Julius Dronegan

Julius Dronegan

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PostSubject: Re: List of members   List of members Icon_minitimeSat Feb 12, 2011 3:51 pm

We welcome Istyra Dronegan to our bloodbound chosen, may the Great Lady's sister always see to that her sisters back is safe and well guarded!
And may she always carry her name with pride, knowing that more eyes again watch with her, ever vigiliant, ever filled with strength, with undying devotion.

The name Salin has been brought to me and it is with a smile I embrace him as one of ours and see him added to the list of the blessed family of the chosen.
May the gods clear the fog that surronds his past so that we may, with truth guiding our hand, scribe his name and role to the lists!
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Julius Dronegan

Julius Dronegan

Posts : 60
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PostSubject: Re: List of members   List of members Icon_minitimeTue Feb 22, 2011 2:01 pm

A captain has been selected from the most vigilant of our fighters. Toma shall now be recognized not only as a member of our family, held warm in it's embrace, but as part of the shining edge that carves away the filth that seeks corrupt even such wonderous things as House Dronegan.

May the captains cuts burn away the unrighteous as the fire burn away the wood in a smithies heated furnace.

The leaders of the house took the time to appoint Dellan A'elthar as a Sergeant bound in the name Dronegans proud service.

His brothers and sisters watch his back as he watches the night that surronds us all for whatever beast may come, ready to halt it's approach and slay it!

Yngmir became one of our faithful flock this day, brought into our group with warm smiles as he takes on the role to be a pair of travelling eyes that bring word of the world surronding us and the changes that become it.

His path is many in the mortal realm, may he never stray from the right path at heart.

Eztra came to me not long ago and our discussion, lengthy and giving, was frutatious as we now have one more apprentice of clear sight amongst us.

Welcome our new adept as the gods themselves have and let our path become even more clear with this added testemony to our familys faith!

In the light of the chaotic events that ravage the world, a need for more captains was seen and answered. Reiah has risen in rank and been bestowed with a sigil to attest this role.

Serve Dronegan with the loyalty once preserved to those bound by blood, as this House is your true family and future in one!

Celandor Windwood is welcomed into our ranks of those who stand against the beasts and demons.

We expect as much of him as we do of any loyal soldier of the House, may he serve well and be a longlasting member of our family.
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